Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 29 of Shiroi Koibito!

Guess what I've received from Japan! :D :D

桜抹茶キットカット~GREEN TEA KIT KAT!!!
 Whole box of it! Courtesy of Soon Chern's brother! :D
Was helping him with his wedding video and he gave me some generous gifts!

and also.....

白い恋人 Shiroi Koibito!!!
 I've been finding these yummy treats for ages! 
(yala wanna hao lian yummy things :P)

Oh and have you spent your RM200 book vouchers yet? I just did today and these are the books I've bought! Had to top up extra RM80 tho! But I think it's a good buy! :) Bought them from Borders Queensbay! :D

From left to right: X-men The Asgardian Wars, Commando 50years A Home For Heroes by George Low,  Classic Dan Dare Operation Saturn Part 2 (Got this for RM23 at the discount clearance section!) , and Showcase presents Wonder Woman Volume 4.

Listen! <3 <3 Love them!

God bless! <3

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