Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm back, bitches! Yeehaw!

Just realize it's been 10months since my last update. Pretty scary how time flies.
I was just looking through my old blog and tons of memories and thoughts just gushed through my mind. And I am really glad that I documented so much of my high school life down. I actually started blogging around 13 and I blogged about my thoughts, emotions and events that happened in my life. Plus I have really terrible memory, I've forgotten most of my past memories until I started reading back. I've definitely came through a long way till I became who I am now. ;)

I don't know why I strayed away from blogging. I really wish I hadn't. And I'm seriously considering to blog more often if time permits. Okay, to be honest, there will always be time. It's just the effort and mood you had to put in to blog sometimes. I very often tend to pour out all my emotions, good or bad, I write them all out to express myself. Yes, without filtering. And as for the bad ones, they had cost me things that I didn't know were precious to me. But what's done had been done, I don't wish to change anything but just learn from it. But then again, it's my blog. A blog to document my life, not for any other purposes. I want to remember how I felt and how I dealt with each situation that life throws at me.

I've started vlogging and posting videos on youtube. I guess it's another way of documenting my life. I'm still awkward towards the whole vlogging thing. Speaking in front of the camera, I tend to be all silly and weird. It's definitely a lot more comfortable typing and spilling out thoughts in words.

So life updates? Well, currently I'm in Gwangju, South Korea for 3 months. My 3 months here are nearly up! I'm leaving next week back to Penang. I'll have to say I'm definitely going to miss South Korea. People had been so nice to us, and the food here's awesome, I also reallllllly enjoy their 7elevens and ministops - They have so many varieties of food and drinks! The coffee here's pretty great too. Most of all I will miss the life here. It's so relaxing. Painting and drawing whatever I want. No stress at all. Right after I've finished my Diploma program I flew here for an art residency program (praise the Lord!). The thing is, I've actually planned to go South Korea to maybe find some 'kang tao'. But I was so worried. So many factors to think about. But God is good, all the time! And now lookie here, I'm in South Korea!! The experience here had been amazing. I've learned so much, as an artist (well, technically I'm an illustrator) and also as an individual. I really wanna thank God, also Mr. Leong (Principal of TOAP), Miss Janice Yeap and Asia Art Studio for this wonderful opportunity. Never in my life that I would imagine myself being here for 3 months! I'm still in awe.

That's all for now. Hopefully I will post more about my experience here or so the next time.

Til then,
God bless you and good bye!