Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY 5 minute Hair Dye ( No Harsh Chemicals, Cheap, Quick and Easy)

Recently I have been really experimental with my hair. And I was left with Ombre bleached brittle hair! And you know how bleached hair color end up with yellow and orangey tint which I find it horrendous! So I had to find a way to fix the color in a non harmful way since my hair had went through so much torture. :( Poor hair... And also, I was out of budget anyways!

My 'Lion Mane' Hair

So, I woke up from a long nap and suddenly I had an epiphany, WHY NOT FOOD COLOURING right? I mean, that bottle of horror stains basically ANYTHING. I guess it serves the same purpose as hair dyes as to stain bleached hair. Well, no harm trying anyways, you can consume it, so I think it wouldn't be much of a harm to put it on your hair, so I went for it and guess what, it came out AWESOME!!

Well I'll bet a lot of people out there might have already thought of this. But yea, just to share how I did it, my way... haha!

All You Need is:

1) Food coloring (Any color you want! Mine was in Rose Pink from Tesco)
2) A container
3) A brush
4) Gloves (The first time I colored my hair I forgotten about gloves and I was left with pink hands)
5) Vaseline (To protect your neck and face from staining)
6) Towel & Old Shirt
*7) Conditioner (This is optional, for pastel effect purposes)

Okay, It's REALLY easy, especially if you've already had experience dying your hair with box dyes at home, this would be EASY.

Preparation for Pre-Coloring

1) Put Vaseline around your hairline and neck just incase if the dyes touches any part of the skin it wouldn't stain it!
2) Wear on your old T-shirt and wrap your towel around your neck and we are good to go!

Me without using gloves for hair coloring, dumb dumb dumb!
The color came out on my hair was SUPER florescent pink!
Realllllly loved it! 
I only colored this for the bottom part of my hair.

Steps for Coloring Your Hair (Bright&Bold)

1) Put on gloves.
2) Pour Food coloring into the container.
3) Using the brush, brush on the color on your DRY pre-lightened/bleached hair.
(Keep in mind, the whiter your hair had been bleached, the truer the color would show. And your hair must be dry!)
4) When all the hair that you wanted to be colored had been covered, wait for 3 to 5 minutes. You can use a plastic to wrap your hair just to prevent it from staining anything.
5) When time is up, just wash off the coloring with shampoo.

NOTE: Your colored hair will stain anything it comes in contact with when it's WET. So blow-dry it if you don't want your clothes and pillowcases to be ruined! When it's dry you don't have to worry about a thing! My pillowcases were stain free! 

So the second time I tried to do pastel effects for the rest of the tips of my hair.

Steps for Colouring Your Hair (Pastel)

1) Repeat Step 1-2 above.
2) Wet your hair.
3) Apply color on wet hair with brush.
(Unfortunately for pastel colors, your hair must be as close to white as possible, or else it would look really dirty, this is just food coloring, there's no chemicals to bleach your hair)
4) Rinse off almost immediately or you can wait for 1 minute or so.

Another way you may try:
1) Repeat Step 1-2 above.
2) This time, put in conditioner and mix it on with your food coloring to the desired color but slightly deeper.
3) Brush on the color on your bleached hair.
4) When hair had been covered with coloring, wait for 30 minutes.
5) Rinse off when time is up.

So thats it! You can now enjoy your pretty colored hair!
Amazingly, after 4 washes, the color still came off very bright!
 And it doesn't stain my towels anymore though when I was bathing I could see some color dripping off.

If you all needed a demonstration video, do leave it in the comments below then I'll try to do one since it's quite quick and easy.

God bless you all! And have fun trying it out!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22nd of Fun, finally.

Alright so sembreak is finally here, and I have about 2 weeks left til scumbag new semester comes along and suck the fun out of it. okay, was overreacting, anywaysssss, my semester break so far was fun fun fun fun! Hung out with a lot of my friends,  movie marathon with Jelly and Winson,  and tried to put myself back together again. But my skin had went nuts recently. Sigh. Why o why... 

Awww nekochan! :D

I had some time to redecorate the house a bit. This is how my dining area looks like right now! Well sorta, added some stuff here and there after this shot was taken. :) Was a great mini project to work on!

And yes look at my skin now. Crap. Had like some serious weird rashes and blemishes on my forehead and the side of my cheeks. I don't know what's causing the weird rash @_@.

Yesterday me, mom and sis went to coffee atelier to chill out. :) I think it's somewhere round Jalan Muntri.
Aww such a pretty space!
I like how the red chairs stood out from the neutral grundgy wall and floor. <3
I noticed I somewhat look like I'm gonna kiss the artwork every time I try to look at a painting. Such a weirdo :(.  But anyways the place is filled with awesome artworks! And some more towards finearts. pretttttty :D Def a great place to chill. 


Camwhoring with me momzies.

Yes, the grass was pokey.  and..I look like a pig HAHAHAA. awesomeness.
 Then we head off for the best ICED COCO ever!!!!
Kat Dato' Keramat there. Yummmmms!

2nd Penang bridge coming to shape. :)
This photo kinda reminds me of taiwan's Sunmoon lake. LOL Cause I'm such a dumbass for wearing a hoodie in this blazing weather. yes. i know.

Photo credits to my sistaaaaa.

Alright, hopefully the rest of the sembreak would be equally amazing or even better! :D
And I hope every TOAPians are having a blast too! :)
and I'm quite paranoid of the new coming semester year cause I'll be stepping into final year now. :(
Stress stress stress. Don't think there would be any semester breaks after this now.
Normally our long semesters final projects would drag til the final week of semester break. :(
But yea, gonna party rock before this ends!

God bless! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3rd of Ups and Downs

Hello sexy people! :D
I'm here to update what's been going through in my life right now.
I guess my blog's pretty personal. Not a lot of readers other than my close friends and some of me other friends so here I am sharing a piece of my life with you! :D <3

I was hesitant to actually post this cause, I don't really want people to know about it but, I really wanna record how I'm feeling at this very moment and my thoughts.

So here we go!

Two days ago I've actually participated in a Taekwondo Tournament. It's internal competition so just with students from the same academy and a couple from another. I was terrified. This is my first time ever joining competitions that are as physical as this. Cause people that know me knows I'm sorta a sissy whimp. Haha! I've actually joined pattern and SPARRING (LMAO I KNOW RIGHT!)

But Guess what!

I've gotten a Gold medal in Pattern! I was so surprised that I could actually get this far! Praise the Lord! And also I must thank Sir Alvin, Eugene, LingYea for training me well! :D Vincent and JingRu's father actually gave me a couple good tips in scoring too! ^_^ Thankyou!

BUT, as for the sparring part of the competition. I could officially say it's an EPIC FAIL. So embarrassing I was like screaming and shouting that I don't wanna fight anymore and just running out of the ring.. The girl totally pwn-ed me! T_T Though she wasn't THAT aggressive but I'm such a loser T_T.

(OKAY excuse the hairy legs WAHAHHA.)
Tried to kick her once and this is what I got. LOL. Noob la wey T_T

Anyhow, I think it was a great experience to be in this tournament. Trying out new things that I've never thought I would be doing! ^_^

This thursday would be my last day of class and I would be having a 3 week semester break! Whoopeee Finally! Will try to post up my final acrylic project when I'm done with it :)

OKAY haha that's all. gotta get back to work!

God bless!! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feb 4 of Blessed

Hello world! I have awesome news! And it'll sound like I'm boasting about it, but... okay, I'm definitely boasting about it cause I am so extremely happy right now. 

So I blogged about the Top 10 awards thing a few post earlier, and I was nominated for 'Best Sketching' and 'Best in Illustration with Comic'. 

So I didn't get the title for 'best sketching' (well duh, have you seen leow lie qi's work? Awesome to the max, and obviously he won.) and to be honest, I didn't expect to get anything at all. I was pretty happy being nominated already. But you know, deep down inside, that feeling of 'wanting' to win so badly, wanting to prove myself that I've tried my best too, and I can say I'm quite competitive so that feeling grew a lot stronger at that time when they started announcing who had gotten the title and I was praying and hoping so bad, that I might actually win this. It's like during lucky draws when you hope you will win, but you know you won't win the prize, but still hoping you'll win anyways, you get it? Cause winning and luck is not a thing I always have in competitions. And i
t's hard to believe that I have earned the title for 'Best in Illustration with Comics'. Which I am now overwhelmed with joy. Praise the Lord!!!!!! 

I know some of you might be thinking: 'Wth is wrong with you peiyen, it's just a little award thing in your college, why are you making it a big fuss about it?!' Well, because this is the 1st time EVER that I've EVER EVER WON SOMETHING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE TIL NOW SINCE I WAS YOUNG. No matter what competition, what lucky draw, whatever contest, I have never won anything, so this is super special to me!!! And I've bumped into a rough road in my education life last year and I've disappointed my dearest friends and family and my lecturers so I was pretty sad with myself as I said in the previous post. So I really wanna redeem myself and try my hardest to gain back that trust from everyone. And today, it gave me a warm tingling feeling in my heart, that I've finally proven a part of myself. And it doesn't mean that I'm the best though, really, cause each and everyone of us is different and one might be good at digital, another might be good in traditional, or some might be good in colours and I am not. I don't know how the lecturers judge to pick the winners so I cannot say anything about it but feel super happy that they picked me!

*Feeling and thought how I look when I am receiving the cert*

* How I actually look - retarded*

 I'm really SUPER DUPER THANKFUL to the lecturers that chose me, to all my friends, and my family for supporting me all these times. <3 Also I wanna thank Mr Leong for guiding me and giving me advices all these times! And most importantly I wanna THANK GOD!!! Glory be to God! Without Him, I wouldn't have come this far. <3 <3THANKS EVERYONEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Ah Mok won Best Leadership!!!!! <3

Here's the birthday girl of the day! :D Jolie Tan!

And I wanna take this opportunity to congratulate each and everyone of the nominees and winners!
woohooo! Congratulations! (Macam dah graduated je. hahaha)

Thank you mummy for everything <3

So now I need to get back to work, Currently I'm working on this.

I hope I can finish it on time. X(!!!
God bless! <3

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1 of Octi

When life gives you lemons, make a drawing out of it. Ok, so Octi here ain't no lemon but, I'm just saying, drawing really takes stress off you, drawing things that you like actually. And Octi, my friend here, is in fact a type of drawing which I really enjoy making. It's just something totally opposite from what I've been taught to draw and, if I hand up anything like this to my lecturers, you'll be sure they'll freak out and kick me out from college. It's great to just break free from the lines and go out of the box ya know.

So yea I hope you guys enjoyed looking at Octi4Legs! :)

Octi says good bye!

God bless! <3

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 29 of Shiroi Koibito!

Guess what I've received from Japan! :D :D

桜抹茶キットカット~GREEN TEA KIT KAT!!!
 Whole box of it! Courtesy of Soon Chern's brother! :D
Was helping him with his wedding video and he gave me some generous gifts!

and also.....

白い恋人 Shiroi Koibito!!!
 I've been finding these yummy treats for ages! 
(yala wanna hao lian yummy things :P)

Oh and have you spent your RM200 book vouchers yet? I just did today and these are the books I've bought! Had to top up extra RM80 tho! But I think it's a good buy! :) Bought them from Borders Queensbay! :D

From left to right: X-men The Asgardian Wars, Commando 50years A Home For Heroes by George Low,  Classic Dan Dare Operation Saturn Part 2 (Got this for RM23 at the discount clearance section!) , and Showcase presents Wonder Woman Volume 4.

Listen! <3 <3 Love them!

God bless! <3

Friday, January 27, 2012

Jan 28 of CNY

The CNY holidays' pretty much coming to an end. Which means, reality hits back, assignments are yet to be done, jam-packed roads are soon to be cleared out, busy malls with people jostling against each other will no longer be a problem. So Penang state will revert itself to its relaxing days.

So yea, CNY was a blast and I collected not a lot of Ang Paos but big ones so yea that counter off the amount of it. And my CNY was filled with Mahjongs and Monopoly Deal. Monopoly Deal seems to be very fun after all. :) And we went for Karaoke yesterday morning! It was super fun hanging out with cousins!

Okay, So now I have a tons of assignments to finish by Wednesday. Plus I'm trying to finish up a book called 'Be Careful of What You Wish For' by Alexandra Potter. Still at Chapter 7 now. Reading it while nibbling off Dried Strawberries that my neighbour got it from Cameron Highlands. Super yummy!

Okay That's all!

God Bless! <3 <3 And I hope you had a great Chinese New Year too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jan 22 Simone's 21

Yesterday my high school friends and I attended ' Birthday Party of Simone Ong!' *that's what they wrote on the notice which I think it's really different it's like hear ye hear ye thou shalt... LOL. very old school ;)* And it was great hanging out with old friends again. Gosh. So many faces that I haven't seen in years. 

And I've met a new friend yesterday! Which is pretty cool cause she's really nice and friendly :D. AND TALLLLLLLL. Anyways here are some pics that Wen Yin took and I just borrowed her photos and posted it here. hehehe! 

Birthday Girl on the 2nd top right. Blessed birthday babe!
Le CGL girls.

Nic and Wenyin!
My hair was pretty shitty that night. Very flat and weird looking. oh well. just have to bear with my ugly hair photos hahah!

Janice and Sonia Lee! hahahaha. Kidding.
Nic nic and JoJo.
Nicole does look like Janice Lee huh!

Nic, WenYin and Jocelyn!
Pretty girls!!!!
me and JO!
Cheeky Nic!
At the lobby ahaha.

Feel so short standing near WenYin. LOL
By the carpark lift.

  After that we went to Gurney to chill!
See these sexy laddies. hahaha!

  Settled down in Euro Deli. I quite like the interior of this place! Nice to just sit down and talk. haha!
The potato bacon thing doesn't taste good.

 Alright that's all for that night! I had a great time with fellow good friends and it's really refreshing since I've been stuck at home doing assignments most of the time it's getting annoying not getting to mix around with people. The last time was during kl which was weeks ago. sigh.

BTW, Really in love with this song right now! Check it out!

God bless! <3