Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lost Lappie

I lost my laptop and all of my recent photos so yeah. Was really moody and sad so I didn't want to blog. Plus my internet connection is a pain in the ass. Streamyx is killing me. My laptop's a Macbook 13inch aluminium cover with Sesame Street stickers on it, it was in an orange Madagascar pouch I bought in Singapore and my Bamboo graphic tablet was in it too. So if anyone sees it, please help me to tell her to give it back to me :(. Or if YOU are reading this, come on, have a heart , pretty please? :( I lost it in Gurney 2nd floor new wing bathroom. Technically, it was my sis that lost it. So yeah. Super sad. And I lost it during the last week of my semester where I needa hand in all my final projects. So I had to redo 'um without Adobe photoshop or Illustrator because I have none of these programmes and no laptop to use.

So anyways, I've watched the Royal Wedding Live on E! news and it was such a fairy-tale wedding! And Kate looked absolutely gorgeous!! It made me feel like you know, fairy-tales do come true sometimes. The world's not that harsh I guess. But how will Kate's life change for the better or worse, we are not sure, but God bless her! William seemed to be one awesome guy! And he used to be super duper cute, until his bald spot started showing then he wasn't so cute anymore, but still, an awesome person just like his mother.

And I've been watching a LOT of Glee! Oh man, why can't I sing and dance!!! Super fun to watch tho I wish I could sing and dance like them. Sigh. So I guess everyone's different.

And also I went Taiwan during my sem break. Was really hesitant whether I should go at first but I glad I did. Didn't know all the drama would happen before I fly to Taiwan. Cause I should be saving for a new laptop or something. But I've already bought air tickets so might as well just go right. Really fun trip with Sara Ooi, Chris Tay, Kiv Tay and Jia Qi!!! Hope next time we'll go travel together again! It's like a girl's-week-out. Here are some photos to share. All taken by Sara Ooi! She's a really talented photographer by the way! She does weddings and event shoots. ;) Not going to explain. Just show you how much we've enjoyed Taiwan. Really took my stress away.

I <3 Taiwan!!!

God blesses me abundantly with like, everything! But sometimes I find when something bad happens to me, like when I lost my laptop, everything went down hill, a lot of bad stuff just continously bomb-dropping on me and I just felt like God had forgotten me. But after a while I realize, I shouldn't be dwelling on the negative things, I should start to see the little things or things that I took for granted that God had blessed me like food, clean water, health, family and friends. Things like laptop or assignments or rude people and etc. shouldn't bring me down but to draw me closer to God and make me a better person. Things all happen for a reason I believe. And I have been a stranger to God so I think God's trying to lift me out from this doubt zone and to tell me that He's always here for me no matter what. Alright I hope you guys understand what I am trying to say cause I'm just overwhelmed and I just type whatever that is going through my head.

God bless you!