Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22nd of Fun, finally.

Alright so sembreak is finally here, and I have about 2 weeks left til scumbag new semester comes along and suck the fun out of it. okay, was overreacting, anywaysssss, my semester break so far was fun fun fun fun! Hung out with a lot of my friends,  movie marathon with Jelly and Winson,  and tried to put myself back together again. But my skin had went nuts recently. Sigh. Why o why... 

Awww nekochan! :D

I had some time to redecorate the house a bit. This is how my dining area looks like right now! Well sorta, added some stuff here and there after this shot was taken. :) Was a great mini project to work on!

And yes look at my skin now. Crap. Had like some serious weird rashes and blemishes on my forehead and the side of my cheeks. I don't know what's causing the weird rash @_@.

Yesterday me, mom and sis went to coffee atelier to chill out. :) I think it's somewhere round Jalan Muntri.
Aww such a pretty space!
I like how the red chairs stood out from the neutral grundgy wall and floor. <3
I noticed I somewhat look like I'm gonna kiss the artwork every time I try to look at a painting. Such a weirdo :(.  But anyways the place is filled with awesome artworks! And some more towards finearts. pretttttty :D Def a great place to chill. 


Camwhoring with me momzies.

Yes, the grass was pokey.  and..I look like a pig HAHAHAA. awesomeness.
 Then we head off for the best ICED COCO ever!!!!
Kat Dato' Keramat there. Yummmmms!

2nd Penang bridge coming to shape. :)
This photo kinda reminds me of taiwan's Sunmoon lake. LOL Cause I'm such a dumbass for wearing a hoodie in this blazing weather. yes. i know.

Photo credits to my sistaaaaa.

Alright, hopefully the rest of the sembreak would be equally amazing or even better! :D
And I hope every TOAPians are having a blast too! :)
and I'm quite paranoid of the new coming semester year cause I'll be stepping into final year now. :(
Stress stress stress. Don't think there would be any semester breaks after this now.
Normally our long semesters final projects would drag til the final week of semester break. :(
But yea, gonna party rock before this ends!

God bless! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3rd of Ups and Downs

Hello sexy people! :D
I'm here to update what's been going through in my life right now.
I guess my blog's pretty personal. Not a lot of readers other than my close friends and some of me other friends so here I am sharing a piece of my life with you! :D <3

I was hesitant to actually post this cause, I don't really want people to know about it but, I really wanna record how I'm feeling at this very moment and my thoughts.

So here we go!

Two days ago I've actually participated in a Taekwondo Tournament. It's internal competition so just with students from the same academy and a couple from another. I was terrified. This is my first time ever joining competitions that are as physical as this. Cause people that know me knows I'm sorta a sissy whimp. Haha! I've actually joined pattern and SPARRING (LMAO I KNOW RIGHT!)

But Guess what!

I've gotten a Gold medal in Pattern! I was so surprised that I could actually get this far! Praise the Lord! And also I must thank Sir Alvin, Eugene, LingYea for training me well! :D Vincent and JingRu's father actually gave me a couple good tips in scoring too! ^_^ Thankyou!

BUT, as for the sparring part of the competition. I could officially say it's an EPIC FAIL. So embarrassing I was like screaming and shouting that I don't wanna fight anymore and just running out of the ring.. The girl totally pwn-ed me! T_T Though she wasn't THAT aggressive but I'm such a loser T_T.

(OKAY excuse the hairy legs WAHAHHA.)
Tried to kick her once and this is what I got. LOL. Noob la wey T_T

Anyhow, I think it was a great experience to be in this tournament. Trying out new things that I've never thought I would be doing! ^_^

This thursday would be my last day of class and I would be having a 3 week semester break! Whoopeee Finally! Will try to post up my final acrylic project when I'm done with it :)

OKAY haha that's all. gotta get back to work!

God bless!! :)