Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cream Puff

Aloha! I thought the blurry effect in Olympus Pen was a waste but now I know how nice it was. Haha. The colour looks really soft compared to the normal with the harsh coloured lighting and stuff. yeaps. The only thing I don't like about it is, the blur. If only the colour is a setting of its own. Cause the photo just looked like I have smudges on the lens.

Had been watching Zettai Kareshi yesterday. And it made me really wanna eat Cream puffs! And it's hard to get the super huge cream puffs here in Penang. So instead I got a super mini one. Haha. This was actually bought before I even watch the show. But neways, love love love, super small and yummy. So cute. :)

Going to show you a little of what I've done this week. Mostly the colour pencil work I've talked about in my previous post. This is also my first ever colour pencil illustration that I'm happy with. And the background was improved by my awesome principal Mr Leong. Super cooooooool.
The most frustrating part is getting the toning right. You might spot the colour but yea, if the toning's wrong, everything's wrong.

The Final Illustration of the African Lady.

Now I need to work on the last piece of A2 sized illustration. Oh gosh this will take me forever!
2 more weeks to go! Can't wait for the semester break. Really really need it. Oh! And I've bought new masks~ Teehee. Going to try them out tomorrow.

And yeah, my pea soup made it. Yippies.

God bless you!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Elva Hsiao

Today's Earth Hour day! So Imma make it short and post it before I had to switch everything off!
I'm not going out tonight, since I have like a shit loads of assignment and deadline next week so I'd better get my ass back to drawing. Off your lights people! Come on, the Earth's already falling apart, do your part to make it not get any serious!

I'm colouring an african lady today. My principal said I chose one ugly reference but I liked the photo. The eye contact is really strong I felt. And this reference to me, is easier to catch it's colour changes compared to the ones I've tried before. :)

Anyway, I'm going to go blabbers about my current female obsession. Elva Hsiao蕭亞軒! Dayum she's sooo hot and pretty and talented and stylish and this chick has pretty hair! She sort of reminds me of Angelababy a lil'. Especially the cheek and chin area. She has super sharp chin and high cheekbones. Love love love. Shoooo pweeetyyyy. And her skin is absolutely flawless! She sings super well and dances super awesome. Gosh. She's perfect! I rarely listen to chinese songs by the way but yea, because of her I guess I'm listening it right now while I do my assignments and stuff.

Oh my gosh look at her side profile. sooo naisss.

On the other hand, I'm sad to hear about the earthquake (again) in Myanmar... Sigh. Can the earth stop cracking like dry dough? Pray for Myanmar and continue to pray for Japan alright!

God bless you!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finals are here!

Popular bookstore is having a super mega sales in OneStop today! Don't know how long the sales will last, but the sales ranges from 25% to 90%! Isn't that insanely cheap? Some super thick books only cost RM30 and even some art books I've found and used to buy at the same event cost only RM5. That's crazy talk but true!

So this year I've bought a recipe book. For my sister... :)... to cook for me. Haha! Only RM10 for 200 recipes. 200 Really Easy Recipes by Louise Pickford. Yeah, the word 'really easy' had sealed the deal. I ain't pro in cooking without any recipe book. I need everything instructed for me to succeed in completing an edible meal. My cooking instincts just ain't born with me. I'm going to try out the pea soup tomorrow. Pea soup?? Ewwww. That's what most people might respond I guess. But I've tried the soup in Suffolk House before and it's exactly, and I do mean exactly the same soup. It was superbly yummy. And there was another salad in the recipe book that  was served in Suffolk too.Wish my luck yo!

My finals officially started next week. Before that it was just packed full of assignment rushing. Apparently, finals are not so stressed, cause I only need to focus on one final project per subject as not to tons of assignments for each. So I just had to focus totally on my finals now. Really need to pump up my grades back. :)

See ya in my next post. Might be doing a post on the pea soup if it's successful, it'll share the 'fine dining pea soup' to ya'll aite. :)

God bless you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Michael Scoffield

Spot Elmo! 

Hello Evahribahdee!
I wanna thank the people that had voted for me for the 'Are you Awesome?' contest. Continue voting guys! Much appreciated!

So my week, like usual, is always repeating. Because I have a tight schedule I have no time for other things other than class, assignment and more assignments and classes.

Alright so maybe I did slot in a couple of hours for TV shows. I've been watching CSI lately, in High Def! Yea it's definitely a big difference watching it in HD now I can tell. :D Super awesomeness. I specially like CSI Miami cause Adam is in it and he's super cute. H is cute too:)
And also Prison Break Season 4. Readers that used to follow my old blog should know I love Prison break but until I switched to my laptop I can't download shows anymore so I can't get my hands on those new episodes until FOX in astro started broadcasting them. I tell you. I'm. Freakin. Pissed. Why did they have to make Michael Scoffield die in the very last ep? I was expecting a VERY happy ending since Michael had went through sooooo many death-threatening events and he was the one that saved everyone. So after he's a freeman he had to die of some sickness?! That's just frustrating!!! Okay, gotta chill. :(

Been sleeping late. Look at those eye bags super creepy. and pimples all over. :( Hope they'll just go away soon. Sigh sigh.

So yea. This is me short update.

God bless you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Awesome!

Do you love Sunkist?
Do you love Justin Bieber?
Most importantly, do you think I'm awesome?!

Yea yea, I know it doesn't really look like Justin Bieber, but I thought what the heck since I've the hair colour and the longer cut of Bieber's. So why not just have fun with it. :)

To vote for me, please CLICK HERE!
Find the so-call-Justin-Bieber-holding-the-Awesome-Sunkist photo and vote for me aite!

Pretty pretty please!!! :)
I really wanna win this!
And for the top Voters get prizes too aite.
RM100 for top weekly voters!
You can vote multiple times per user! :D

If you guys want to join this contest too it's easy, just buy the Sunkist carton with the ' Yeah, I'm Awesome' logo on and start posing. :)
Check out the site for more info!

Love ya'll!

God bless!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bleached Ash

Hey ho I'm Blonde! :) Ain't photoshopped okay!

Alright. I was only blonde for 5 minutes. It was actually a base for the next colour to go on nicely.
I went to Extreme in Queensbay mall to dye my hair. Cost me RM130 for hair length like mine. And Adam was the hairstylist that did my hair yesterday.

I was pretty concern about bleaching my hair cause I know it'll totally strip all moisture and smoothness away from my hair and yea, it really did all that. My hair was as rough and plasticky like Barbie's hair. It was gross to the touch but the colour came out pretty well except that it was really GREEN. I wanted a Ash brown colour like Justin Bieber's so yea. Had to bare with the green for a couple of days before it goes off into a very nice Bieber colour :) Here's the photo from my webcam:)

So when I went back what I did was I slopped on a whole lot of Extra Virgin Olive oil on my hair and put a hair cap on and slept on it. The next day I washed my hair off and put on a hair mask from Bonacure. It helped smoothen my hair out. Was way better than before. :) All cheap stuff didnt had to spend RM100 over just for a treatment.

*yarrr. dar's ya evil smile ovar derrr*

The colour doesn't pick up on camera.
With flash

The only lighting i dislike of the colour shown is in tungsten lighting, cause it's horrid green.
So yea, I guess I'm better off with brown hair ey. HAHA.

Will try to post pics if I have 'um next time.

God bless!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Scheming's Green Tea & Barley Whitening Mask

 *Excuse me for the pajamas*

My current favourite mask!
My Scheming's Green Tea & Barley Whitening Mask
In Malaysia's stores you can only purchase this in Watsons. (Cause it says so on the packaging)
It's RM6.90 per piece, quite costly. So I'm planning to get a bunch of these in Taiwan, hopefully it's cheaper!

Green tea contains abundant chlorophyllin, Catechin, Vitamin C, Vitamin @, and D-Carotene. Green tea polyphenols is a good Anti-oxidant. Barley can remove melanin, brighten dim skin, promote skin metabolism, and soothen coarse skin.

Basically it smoothens your skin and moisturizes.
After washing your face and toner, put it on for 15-20 minutes and then remove the mask and pat the essence into your skin, without rinsing it off. And it leaves a silky touch to your face! Then only you apply your facial skincare routines.

Ok, so my thoughts on this just comes with 3 words. I LOVE IT!
I do agree that it does all of it claims. But the thing about masks I like that I've tried is after I used it for a long run, it just doesn't give the WOW factor anymore, so I'll just change to another brand/type of mask.

So yeah, I recommend this for people with any skin type.
Even you have oily skin you still need to moisturize! It is an essence/gel base mask so it wont clog your pores. So don't worry. I have very sensitive skin that is blemish-prone, and oily at the T-zone. So yea, it works for me. So if you have the same skin as mine, you would love it too! :)

God bless!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mac Haul Wonder Woman

M.A.C Cosmetics had just released their Wonder Woman collection in Malaysia, Penang on 10th of March until the 20th! It's a bit too late to actually post this up cause most of the face products are all sold out right after 2days it was released! I read reviews from famous beauty bloggers from the states and they were all saying that pink power is the best seller from this collection. I was really anxious to get it but I was doubting whether I should concerning the price. But thank God I managed to get my hands on the last Mineralize Skin Finish in Pink Power cause it is absolutely gorgeous! I tried it on once and I totally fell in love with it. The release date is different in various states in Malaysia and in some places are not released like in Selangor so you might still be able to get them there. :)

The great thing about MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power Mineralize Skin Finish is that it's super HUGE. Like really big compared to the normal MSF compacts. Can't imagine finishing this ever. It has all 3 bronzer, highlighter, and blusher in one compact, how amazing is that! So convenient! The colors are actually peachy pink. Bare in mind that this product is not really pigmented, so I had to apply a few times only it could show on my skin. And the highlighter has a really pretty sheen to it and not those kinda chunky glitter, making it look really natural. Well, to me all three shades were really natural and nice. It just looked like my own enhanced skin.
Price: RM145
MAC MSF Pink Power next to their normal sized blusher in SpringSheen
Crazy huge right!

- Natural
- Lovely shade on lighter skintones
- Doesn't cake up
- Convenient

- Hard to get your hands on it.
- Not very pigmented.
- Huge, hard to fit in purses.

Overall I'll give it a 8/10! Love it!

I also got the MAC Lightful Ultracharge Foundation! I didn't even know about this product or even plan to get that, but the MA (Her name's Pauline from Gurney Plaza MAC store, she's super lovely) put it on for me before trying on the Pink Power and I was totally amazed on how fine this product is milled. And personally I'm not concern about coverages, I just need a foundation that could even out my skin tone, cover my pores and doesn't break me out or make me look like orang minyak. You can only get this in the Asian regions as it was formulated for Asian skins. So this foundation also runs a shade lighter than your normal foundations in MAC. So if you're maybe NC20, you might consider getting NC25 instead. Just try out at the counters and the MA will consult you on it. :D I super love this foundation! My skin is very prone to acne and blemishes so the wrong foundation will cause my skin to have blemishes all over especially on my forehead and cheeks. I've tried Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and MakeUpForever's HD foundation and they didn't do any good to my skin, in fact I get oily after 1 hour of application. I looked like an oilslick. Can just fry an egg on my face. It's that oily.
So this compact powder does a great awesome job at even out the skintone and keeps my face matte with a healthy glow. It doesn't cake up on me. But just make sure you use the amount you needed, don't slap it all on your face then it'll be beautiful. This compact is sold separately with the casing, so if you're getting it for the first time you'll have to pay for the casing too. After that you can just purchase the refills.
Price: RM140, Casing RM37

- Not cakey
- Very natural
- Very light, you can't even feel it on your skin
- Comes with a sponge

- Expensive
- The packaging gets fingerprints easily

Overall: 8/10

One of the other little things I got was the #188 small stippling brush. I asked the MA which brush could be multiused, like for liquid, cream, and powder. She adviced me to get the #188. This brush is super soft! I've always gotten my brushes from Etude House or SkinFood. But I tell you, though they are alot cheaper than MAC brushes, you can really TELL. The quality is totally different. The brushes I got from the Korean brands are horrid, they hurt my skin when I apply make up, and the hair just falls all over my face, and it doesn't give an even application. But the MAC brush that I tried, it has no traces of any of these problems I encountered. So soft, me likey! So yea, it is really important to invest in brushes that doesn't harm your skin, helps you to achieve pretty makeup and last you a long time!
Price: RM140

- Soft
- Great quality
- Blends easily


Overall I give it a 9/10 cause for RM140 it'll last me a long long time!

Lastly I've gotten the Lustre Lipstick in Freckle Tone! I finally gotten myself a lipstick. I've always been afraid of putting lipstick on cause it just looked weird on me. But Pauline actually found a lipstick which I love cause it matches my skintone nicely making it look like I have nice lip colour. :) It's a nudy peach colour. Lovesss.
Price: RM65

Overall: 8/10!

With all the products above on.
Somehow for what I am studying right now, it's really stressful and I do not have enough sleep most of the time, and I know most people encounter the same thing! I would look really pale and zombie-ish. So all those does a good job in giving my face a healthy glow. :D super loves.

So yea this is my brief review on the products!
God bless!