Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1 of Octi

When life gives you lemons, make a drawing out of it. Ok, so Octi here ain't no lemon but, I'm just saying, drawing really takes stress off you, drawing things that you like actually. And Octi, my friend here, is in fact a type of drawing which I really enjoy making. It's just something totally opposite from what I've been taught to draw and, if I hand up anything like this to my lecturers, you'll be sure they'll freak out and kick me out from college. It's great to just break free from the lines and go out of the box ya know.

So yea I hope you guys enjoyed looking at Octi4Legs! :)

Octi says good bye!

God bless! <3


  1. hi, just asking.are u still selling likas papaya soap? if so, how can i buy it?
    btw,nice octi :D

  2. erm yea sure. I still have 'um. You can email me at :) I'll reply to you there alright?

    Aww Thanks! :D