Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feb 4 of Blessed

Hello world! I have awesome news! And it'll sound like I'm boasting about it, but... okay, I'm definitely boasting about it cause I am so extremely happy right now. 

So I blogged about the Top 10 awards thing a few post earlier, and I was nominated for 'Best Sketching' and 'Best in Illustration with Comic'. 

So I didn't get the title for 'best sketching' (well duh, have you seen leow lie qi's work? Awesome to the max, and obviously he won.) and to be honest, I didn't expect to get anything at all. I was pretty happy being nominated already. But you know, deep down inside, that feeling of 'wanting' to win so badly, wanting to prove myself that I've tried my best too, and I can say I'm quite competitive so that feeling grew a lot stronger at that time when they started announcing who had gotten the title and I was praying and hoping so bad, that I might actually win this. It's like during lucky draws when you hope you will win, but you know you won't win the prize, but still hoping you'll win anyways, you get it? Cause winning and luck is not a thing I always have in competitions. And i
t's hard to believe that I have earned the title for 'Best in Illustration with Comics'. Which I am now overwhelmed with joy. Praise the Lord!!!!!! 

I know some of you might be thinking: 'Wth is wrong with you peiyen, it's just a little award thing in your college, why are you making it a big fuss about it?!' Well, because this is the 1st time EVER that I've EVER EVER WON SOMETHING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE TIL NOW SINCE I WAS YOUNG. No matter what competition, what lucky draw, whatever contest, I have never won anything, so this is super special to me!!! And I've bumped into a rough road in my education life last year and I've disappointed my dearest friends and family and my lecturers so I was pretty sad with myself as I said in the previous post. So I really wanna redeem myself and try my hardest to gain back that trust from everyone. And today, it gave me a warm tingling feeling in my heart, that I've finally proven a part of myself. And it doesn't mean that I'm the best though, really, cause each and everyone of us is different and one might be good at digital, another might be good in traditional, or some might be good in colours and I am not. I don't know how the lecturers judge to pick the winners so I cannot say anything about it but feel super happy that they picked me!

*Feeling and thought how I look when I am receiving the cert*

* How I actually look - retarded*

 I'm really SUPER DUPER THANKFUL to the lecturers that chose me, to all my friends, and my family for supporting me all these times. <3 Also I wanna thank Mr Leong for guiding me and giving me advices all these times! And most importantly I wanna THANK GOD!!! Glory be to God! Without Him, I wouldn't have come this far. <3 <3THANKS EVERYONEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Ah Mok won Best Leadership!!!!! <3

Here's the birthday girl of the day! :D Jolie Tan!

And I wanna take this opportunity to congratulate each and everyone of the nominees and winners!
woohooo! Congratulations! (Macam dah graduated je. hahaha)

Thank you mummy for everything <3

So now I need to get back to work, Currently I'm working on this.

I hope I can finish it on time. X(!!!
God bless! <3

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1 of Octi

When life gives you lemons, make a drawing out of it. Ok, so Octi here ain't no lemon but, I'm just saying, drawing really takes stress off you, drawing things that you like actually. And Octi, my friend here, is in fact a type of drawing which I really enjoy making. It's just something totally opposite from what I've been taught to draw and, if I hand up anything like this to my lecturers, you'll be sure they'll freak out and kick me out from college. It's great to just break free from the lines and go out of the box ya know.

So yea I hope you guys enjoyed looking at Octi4Legs! :)

Octi says good bye!

God bless! <3