Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 29 of Shiroi Koibito!

Guess what I've received from Japan! :D :D

桜抹茶キットカット~GREEN TEA KIT KAT!!!
 Whole box of it! Courtesy of Soon Chern's brother! :D
Was helping him with his wedding video and he gave me some generous gifts!

and also.....

白い恋人 Shiroi Koibito!!!
 I've been finding these yummy treats for ages! 
(yala wanna hao lian yummy things :P)

Oh and have you spent your RM200 book vouchers yet? I just did today and these are the books I've bought! Had to top up extra RM80 tho! But I think it's a good buy! :) Bought them from Borders Queensbay! :D

From left to right: X-men The Asgardian Wars, Commando 50years A Home For Heroes by George Low,  Classic Dan Dare Operation Saturn Part 2 (Got this for RM23 at the discount clearance section!) , and Showcase presents Wonder Woman Volume 4.

Listen! <3 <3 Love them!

God bless! <3

Friday, January 27, 2012

Jan 28 of CNY

The CNY holidays' pretty much coming to an end. Which means, reality hits back, assignments are yet to be done, jam-packed roads are soon to be cleared out, busy malls with people jostling against each other will no longer be a problem. So Penang state will revert itself to its relaxing days.

So yea, CNY was a blast and I collected not a lot of Ang Paos but big ones so yea that counter off the amount of it. And my CNY was filled with Mahjongs and Monopoly Deal. Monopoly Deal seems to be very fun after all. :) And we went for Karaoke yesterday morning! It was super fun hanging out with cousins!

Okay, So now I have a tons of assignments to finish by Wednesday. Plus I'm trying to finish up a book called 'Be Careful of What You Wish For' by Alexandra Potter. Still at Chapter 7 now. Reading it while nibbling off Dried Strawberries that my neighbour got it from Cameron Highlands. Super yummy!

Okay That's all!

God Bless! <3 <3 And I hope you had a great Chinese New Year too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jan 22 Simone's 21

Yesterday my high school friends and I attended ' Birthday Party of Simone Ong!' *that's what they wrote on the notice which I think it's really different it's like hear ye hear ye thou shalt... LOL. very old school ;)* And it was great hanging out with old friends again. Gosh. So many faces that I haven't seen in years. 

And I've met a new friend yesterday! Which is pretty cool cause she's really nice and friendly :D. AND TALLLLLLLL. Anyways here are some pics that Wen Yin took and I just borrowed her photos and posted it here. hehehe! 

Birthday Girl on the 2nd top right. Blessed birthday babe!
Le CGL girls.

Nic and Wenyin!
My hair was pretty shitty that night. Very flat and weird looking. oh well. just have to bear with my ugly hair photos hahah!

Janice and Sonia Lee! hahahaha. Kidding.
Nic nic and JoJo.
Nicole does look like Janice Lee huh!

Nic, WenYin and Jocelyn!
Pretty girls!!!!
me and JO!
Cheeky Nic!
At the lobby ahaha.

Feel so short standing near WenYin. LOL
By the carpark lift.

  After that we went to Gurney to chill!
See these sexy laddies. hahaha!

  Settled down in Euro Deli. I quite like the interior of this place! Nice to just sit down and talk. haha!
The potato bacon thing doesn't taste good.

 Alright that's all for that night! I had a great time with fellow good friends and it's really refreshing since I've been stuck at home doing assignments most of the time it's getting annoying not getting to mix around with people. The last time was during kl which was weeks ago. sigh.

BTW, Really in love with this song right now! Check it out!

God bless! <3

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jan 20 of Progress So Far (Year2)

I've decided to share about my progress so far in the creative field. *ooh cat* Just to keep track of myself. LOL.

I wanna make it straightforward, short and sweet so there goes!

I hadn't taken any painting or drawing classes since I was a toddler not even in high school except for the SENI subject which is compulsory which I've only learned how to say colours and painting techniques in Bahasa Melayu, so I have a blank canvas on arts, so I believe this is why I can pick up easier of what my lecturers have been teaching me in The One Academy Penang since I don't have a habit and concept of how art should be executed in my brain so I just absorb what they are teaching me and apply it cause that's the only way I know.

High School Works

Some covers I've designed for the school mag. So basically just to make it easy, it's Very simple trust me. It's just basic stuff like lines, patterns, fonts, brushes done in photoshop. I hated traditional mediums, hate as in I try to avoid using watercolour in seni exams or anything at all that needs me to draw on paper cause I am really bad at it since I don't know how to use it.  The only thing I draw is ELMO hahaha.

Design Works in College

More recent ones I have worked on. These were done after a long time absence in designing in photoshop because The One Academy foundation year sorta focuses more on basic foundation drawing skills so only a few subject has designing on it. So I sorta forgot how to do the styles I've tried in high school and went for a more vector art style which I quite fancy. and I think vector art is sho cute!

Digital Painting

These are also more recent ones. I actually prefer traditional mediums that digital now. I dont know why but my view and thought might change after some time but currently yea, I'm not that familiar with digital still.

Cartoon character design

Some extra stuff to share. These are the only traditional pencil drawings I scanned, the rest I'm too lazy to scan and take photos and some are not even with me now. So yea maybe next time!

Okay since I major in Illustration I wanna share a bit more detail on painting itself, and now I've learned til acrylic so far so yeah. Just to show ya'll some progress.

My first portrait painting. LMAO. Look how bad is it. XD!!! Sorry Pavarotti! 

1st object painting, which I think is way better than the Pavarotti one. That Pavarotti macam hantu.

2nd portrait painting. You can see folded lines and scraped off bits because I was so frustrated with myself I wanted to just chuck it away. By that time I should have known how to paint human skin but I still failed at it. *The shirt part looks awesome right? That's because Mr Leong the Principal painted it! Awesome awesome awesome took him like 10 mins*

Final project. We had to find different references and make a composition out of it. So I chose Harry Potter since they have a lot of high resolution photos of the characters!!! :D *Click to enlarge for details*

Hermoine Close up

Snape close up

Buildings on fire close up

Illustration 2

 Portrait painting again! But this time on Gesso! Gesso's the texture created you see on the canvas. So this was the 1st few layers of base colour.
 Touch up layer beginning stage

Finished! I ruined the painting with those dark patches. Sigh. Peiyen Y U SO DUMB!
Gotta brush up some skills and art sense!

BTW, HUGH LAURIE I LOVE YOU!<3 LOL. I sound like some stalker maniac. T_T

 Close ups~

 So yea that's all I wanna share for now! I hope I can do better next time! I'm still practicing and it takes time to improve. I still can't believe I came this far!! I definitely see myself improving after I have put my feet down and decided to work a little harder. :) So yea, everyone's that's stuck or struggling, believe me, once you have pass that stage, things will get easier, but obviously, harder obstacles will come along, just overcome it and you'll excel!!

Sooo.. Blessed Chinese New Years everyone! I'm having a week's holiday next week :) That's why I can blog now. HAHA! ANG PAO come come! :D

Oh yeah, One more thing...

 I've been nominated for TOP10 Awards in my college! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERYYYYYYYYYYY Extremelyyyyyyy excited and happy and excited and HONORED! All sorts of happy thoughts floating in my head when I received the news! Cause it's like, all the hardwork and been paid off! The lecturers actually like what they see T___T I mean, the things I draw lah. :D THANKS AWESOME LECTURERS Woooohooooo.

BTW, I totally edited this photo. My face looks like a fat mama chipmunk in the ori one. Gosh, why can't the fats go down to my BOOBS. hahaha! I'm kidding :) I just don't see myself that chubby in real life (RIGHT???? hahaha. I was hoping for a right...) but apparently studio lighting always take fat photos of my face. :(

God bless!!