Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3rd of Ups and Downs

Hello sexy people! :D
I'm here to update what's been going through in my life right now.
I guess my blog's pretty personal. Not a lot of readers other than my close friends and some of me other friends so here I am sharing a piece of my life with you! :D <3

I was hesitant to actually post this cause, I don't really want people to know about it but, I really wanna record how I'm feeling at this very moment and my thoughts.

So here we go!

Two days ago I've actually participated in a Taekwondo Tournament. It's internal competition so just with students from the same academy and a couple from another. I was terrified. This is my first time ever joining competitions that are as physical as this. Cause people that know me knows I'm sorta a sissy whimp. Haha! I've actually joined pattern and SPARRING (LMAO I KNOW RIGHT!)

But Guess what!

I've gotten a Gold medal in Pattern! I was so surprised that I could actually get this far! Praise the Lord! And also I must thank Sir Alvin, Eugene, LingYea for training me well! :D Vincent and JingRu's father actually gave me a couple good tips in scoring too! ^_^ Thankyou!

BUT, as for the sparring part of the competition. I could officially say it's an EPIC FAIL. So embarrassing I was like screaming and shouting that I don't wanna fight anymore and just running out of the ring.. The girl totally pwn-ed me! T_T Though she wasn't THAT aggressive but I'm such a loser T_T.

(OKAY excuse the hairy legs WAHAHHA.)
Tried to kick her once and this is what I got. LOL. Noob la wey T_T

Anyhow, I think it was a great experience to be in this tournament. Trying out new things that I've never thought I would be doing! ^_^

This thursday would be my last day of class and I would be having a 3 week semester break! Whoopeee Finally! Will try to post up my final acrylic project when I'm done with it :)

OKAY haha that's all. gotta get back to work!

God bless!! :)

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