Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY 5 minute Hair Dye ( No Harsh Chemicals, Cheap, Quick and Easy)

Recently I have been really experimental with my hair. And I was left with Ombre bleached brittle hair! And you know how bleached hair color end up with yellow and orangey tint which I find it horrendous! So I had to find a way to fix the color in a non harmful way since my hair had went through so much torture. :( Poor hair... And also, I was out of budget anyways!

My 'Lion Mane' Hair

So, I woke up from a long nap and suddenly I had an epiphany, WHY NOT FOOD COLOURING right? I mean, that bottle of horror stains basically ANYTHING. I guess it serves the same purpose as hair dyes as to stain bleached hair. Well, no harm trying anyways, you can consume it, so I think it wouldn't be much of a harm to put it on your hair, so I went for it and guess what, it came out AWESOME!!

Well I'll bet a lot of people out there might have already thought of this. But yea, just to share how I did it, my way... haha!

All You Need is:

1) Food coloring (Any color you want! Mine was in Rose Pink from Tesco)
2) A container
3) A brush
4) Gloves (The first time I colored my hair I forgotten about gloves and I was left with pink hands)
5) Vaseline (To protect your neck and face from staining)
6) Towel & Old Shirt
*7) Conditioner (This is optional, for pastel effect purposes)

Okay, It's REALLY easy, especially if you've already had experience dying your hair with box dyes at home, this would be EASY.

Preparation for Pre-Coloring

1) Put Vaseline around your hairline and neck just incase if the dyes touches any part of the skin it wouldn't stain it!
2) Wear on your old T-shirt and wrap your towel around your neck and we are good to go!

Me without using gloves for hair coloring, dumb dumb dumb!
The color came out on my hair was SUPER florescent pink!
Realllllly loved it! 
I only colored this for the bottom part of my hair.

Steps for Coloring Your Hair (Bright&Bold)

1) Put on gloves.
2) Pour Food coloring into the container.
3) Using the brush, brush on the color on your DRY pre-lightened/bleached hair.
(Keep in mind, the whiter your hair had been bleached, the truer the color would show. And your hair must be dry!)
4) When all the hair that you wanted to be colored had been covered, wait for 3 to 5 minutes. You can use a plastic to wrap your hair just to prevent it from staining anything.
5) When time is up, just wash off the coloring with shampoo.

NOTE: Your colored hair will stain anything it comes in contact with when it's WET. So blow-dry it if you don't want your clothes and pillowcases to be ruined! When it's dry you don't have to worry about a thing! My pillowcases were stain free! 

So the second time I tried to do pastel effects for the rest of the tips of my hair.

Steps for Colouring Your Hair (Pastel)

1) Repeat Step 1-2 above.
2) Wet your hair.
3) Apply color on wet hair with brush.
(Unfortunately for pastel colors, your hair must be as close to white as possible, or else it would look really dirty, this is just food coloring, there's no chemicals to bleach your hair)
4) Rinse off almost immediately or you can wait for 1 minute or so.

Another way you may try:
1) Repeat Step 1-2 above.
2) This time, put in conditioner and mix it on with your food coloring to the desired color but slightly deeper.
3) Brush on the color on your bleached hair.
4) When hair had been covered with coloring, wait for 30 minutes.
5) Rinse off when time is up.

So thats it! You can now enjoy your pretty colored hair!
Amazingly, after 4 washes, the color still came off very bright!
 And it doesn't stain my towels anymore though when I was bathing I could see some color dripping off.

If you all needed a demonstration video, do leave it in the comments below then I'll try to do one since it's quite quick and easy.

God bless you all! And have fun trying it out!


  1. Video! Video! Video!
    I hope no ants will build a nest there. ;)

  2. i want a video too!! the color is just so cool!!